Unlock iPhone 3G
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UnlockediPhone.info is now offering an unlocking solution for your brand new 3G iPhone.

Our unique and high quality 3Gsim card will unlock your iPhone instantaneously and you will be trouble free. Please note that our unlock sim card will not make any change to your iPhone software or hardware so you will not loose any warranty at all.

Full scale testing by our technical team proved to us that our 3G solution will work with any network and that signal strength is excellent in all conditions and areas covered by tested networks.

As soon as payment is made we will ship your unlocking 3Gsim card which will make your locked iPhone possible to use with any other sim card throughout world.

Our shipment will be delivered fast and securely to your address by airmail. Shipment is free.

How can you do it?

Our unlock uses a super simple approach. After You purchase our 3G Sim Card which is actually a very thin card called "piggy back sim" ( 0,1mm ) you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Open your iPhone
2. Take out your Sim Card
3. Cut off a small piece of plastic from your old sim card
4. Slide your network provider Sim Card over your new 3Gsim card
5. Return old SIM card and new 3Gsim back in your iPhone
6. Enjoy your fully functional iPhone in your network

I don't understand how to do it. Can you show it to me?

Its always easier t o understand when you see it with your own eyes! Because of that here is the video proofing that our 3G sim card is easy and works perfectly for Vodafone network.

You can see a locked 3G iPhone which does not work with the original Vodafone Sim Card. After sliding it together with our unlock 3G card you can see how the iPhone gets immediately connected to the network.



It can't be simpler than this. You have only to Plug & Play.