Unlock iPhone 3G
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updates and support.
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Is there any software I need to use to unlock a 3G iPhone?

There is no software available which can unlock your 3G iPhone.

The unlock is very simple: just slide the unlock Sim card over your existing Sim card and the unlock is done! Its just plug and play. No special knowledge is needed!

Will all functions work on my iPhone?

If you use our high quality unlock solution, EVERYTHING will work on your iPhone including 3G, Youtube, Safari, Wifi and everything else.

is it working for my version of 3g iPhone?

Our Sim card unlock is working for all 3G iPhone models and all firmwares.

Unlock 3G Simcard & Jailbreak

Is Jailbreaking needed? No it is not absolutely necessary. Unlock Sim card will work both on iPhones that are previously "jailbroken" and on iPhones which are not. By purchasing our Sim card unlock you will become a member and you can freely download software for jailbreaking. When you jailbreak your iPhone you can freely add third party applications to your iPhone.

Wil this solution work on my 3G iPhone in my country?

Its not realistic to claim that we have tested this solution in all countries and all networks. What we know is that Sim card solution has been tested in 15 countries and networks and in every single one Sim card worked perfectly. There is no reason that our Sim card wouldn't work everywhere! But we can't guarantee this as some networks use slightly different technologies. So to counter this and provide you with the surest solution we will give you full 100% money back guarantee if our Sim card does not work for your network. You can see here a list of tested networks.

I have tried a Simcard solution from website xxxx and it didn't work at all or I had problems with it?

As always on the market there are good products, mediocre and even faulty products. We have found out that the other Sim cards we have tested are usually very unreliable and of limited use ( some options like SMS, 3G and incoming calls are not working). Other problems we noticed are that signal strength goes very low in some locations and in some cases the sim card simply stopped working! The solution we are offering you is the only one that will make your iPhone fully functional in any network. We have tested our Sim card so thoroughly and in so many locations and environments that we are 100% sure that it will work for you so we are prepared to back it with a full money back guarantee!

Tell me about shippment, how much will this cost me? How long does it take?

We send by airmail and the shipment is free. you will receive your unlock Sim card within 5 business days.

What do I get?

You get lifetime membership, all the updates, Tech support and above all you will get your own 3G unlock Sim Card.